Anxiety & Stress Disorders/Depression/Trauma Recovery/Combat Veterans     Self Esteem Issues/Habit & Sleep Disorders/Marital & Couples Counseling       Life Transitions/Anger Management / Parenting Issues

​Combining the healing arts of psychotherapy, hypnosis, meditation, and EMDR,  I attempt to create a new therapy for each client based on their unique skills and experience.

After many years of experience, I have discovered that the key to effective therapy does not lie in any particular method, but rather the authenticity of the relationship. Effective treatment depends on listening to people in the deepest possible way; listening for an individual to tell me what they really want and need, and how they will best be able to receive that. One really has to know how to speak respectfully, and in accordance with the client's world view. Only then can a creative process begin, whereby that person can learn new  ways of  sensing and understanding themselves and the world around them.